Switching Users in POS

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With the new update it is now a complete pain in the a$$ to switch between users! Before you simply hit the menu in upper left hand corner and logged out then a new user typed their pin and logged in. Now, you have to hit store at the bottom, logout, Type new number, hit checkout. What was the point in changing this?! 


Also, why have you not made it so every employee can NOT see business financials?! This has been something that has been asked for years!!! So frustrating. Definitely looking into switching website/POS companies.

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I'm not sure about your first point, but if you want every employee to see business financials then you may to check out our app Better Reports.

It is integrated with the POS app and can display all sorts of reports.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at clement@betterreports.co if you're interested.