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Tap and Chip... Securing Connection Issues

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Just going to go ahead and add to the list of frustrations regarding the Shopify POS Tap and Chip.


We've been struggling through using these since the start of Covid, and with the POS Pro Free Trial wrapping up at the end of this month we'd love to give the old college try of massaging out our issues before making more long term decisions. 

The issue we've been having has been fairly frequent (several times a day) is the following:

After a period of inactivity and attempting to "Wake" a reader the iPad will notify us that it is "Securing the connection". Sometimes this works without a hassle, just takes a minute, other times it will just get stuck on this attempt to secure. Both the POS and iPad are completely updated and refreshed (which is typically the first thing chat support asks). It's frustrating as we are a fairly fast rate of transaction retail window when we are busy, and pausing to reconnect a reader results in larger lineups and frustrated staff/customers. In most cases we've just flipped back to our old Chase machines an processed an External Debit/Credit transaction on the POS. This creates more hassle for accounting, and charges us more fees per transaction. I guess my questions would be the following:

  1. We've tried the run around Shopify Chat Support (I encourage my staff to jump on and reach out to them every time they have an issues) with little to no luck. Is there any way this could be taken up the chain?
  2. Is there a way to bypass these readers going to sleep, and instead have them on and plugged in at all times?
  3. Could this be an issue of old hardware (we purchased our two readers the day they went live in Canada)? If so, has anybody had any luck with new Tap Chip Readers?

We love the functionality of cross platform selling, as we use Shopify for Local Deliveries as well, however if we cannot get answers in regards to a few key problems (this being one) we'll have to consider taking our business elsewhere. 

Any help would be appreciated!


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