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I'm getting on really well with the POS App.  I suppose we are slightly unusual in that we use it to sell goods that we deliver to the Customer.

One killer addition would be the integration of a UK Postcode Address Lookup function.  This would dramatically speed up the use of the App and cut down on bad address data being entered.

We use Crafty Clicks Postcode lookup in our online store and backoffice and it works beautifully.  The databases therefore exist so it should be a fairly simple extension to the POS App???

Crafty Clicks now provide Global Address lookup so this functionality is useful outside the UK.

I'd even be interested in working with an App developer to create this if anyone is reading.

Please Shopify... Postcode Address lookup in the POS App.


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Hey Christopher!

Nicholas here, a Shopify Guru :)

This sounds like a great idea for an app alright :) 

The Shopify Experts can offer you paid help designing such an app. Use that link to find an Expert near you, or you can also post a job request here to get some competitive prices :)

It might also be worthwhile reaching out to Crafty Clicks Postcode lookup, to see if they could maybe develop the app for you, or just to see what suggestions they have :) You can reach out to their email support here.

Best of luck with the development :)

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Nicholas | Shopify 
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I would think it'd be better if Shopify integrated address lookup in the Shopify POS application, and absorb the cost of address lookups into their charging model, rather than a single user having a new POS application developed (at high cost) to use the Shopify API.

Nicholas, do you know if address lookup is on the roadmap for the Shopify POS app?


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Hi Nicholas,

The integration of our system requires a modification to the checkout pages. This is a sensitive area and hard to integate with without direct support from Shopify. We use a work-around to get the address lookup to work on the web frontend, but as far as we know this is not possible on the POS app.

Address lookup is a really great feature that heps in two ways: address data quality & checkut usability. We have our system working well in many other e-commerce platforms with some really great results.

There are lots of Shoppify merchants asking for our intergation, and we are more than happy to commit dev resources to this. BUT we need Shopify to take an active interest. Get in touch!


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Nice to see so much work going on with the POS.  Postcode lookup still not on the horizon??

Here's a great offer from a developer wishing to add this functionality.. Shopify - Can you open the doors to this collaboration??

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Shopify still won't help to integrate within the POS which is a shame for all the UK customers.

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Is there an ability to have address auto look-up yet for UK addresses?

We really need this :)