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Vintage sellers no longer welcome

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While the entire Shopify platform is set up to attract small businesses and they list "vintage and designer" sellers on the introduction page we are apparently no longer welcome to accept Shopify payments.

We were told that we are selling products which are copyright protected.

They mentioned LV, Gucci, Adidas, Coach, and Burberry but could not provide a definitive list of what to remove so we were forced to stop accepting payments in our retail store mid-week.

We had just switched over to Shopify Payments and were excited for the new POS setup at our retail store in Montreal. I was told on Tuesday that in order to keep accepting Shopify Payments at my store I would have to provide resellers authorization from the brand's mentioned above. 

As far as I know selling used authentic clothing is not illegal nor does it infringe on any copyrights. 

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