What issues have you faced with the Shopify POS interface?

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I have been in contact with the support and dev teams in to try and find solutions to basic user interface issues presented with the current POS system but it doesn't seem like they are listening or testing their product. I have these problems with the current system, hopefully others do as well and this will bring more attention to the issues. 


1. Cannot modify Local Pickup printed slips -  When going through the local pickup tile in POS it gives you the option to print the slip from the receipt printer. This is gives a good little tool to mark the order and have a physical list to pick the order. This list has very little information on it though and lacks critical information for item identification. We can already modify our own receipts, we should be able to modify these prints so that we can include the SKU identifier, META field data for warehouse locations or internal notes. 


2. Local Pickup Tile Product links - Since the location information cannot be added to the printed receipt we need to find the product information to find the warehouse location to pick the items. When in the local pickup tile the item is shown in its own dead box and does not link to the product itself so you must back all the way out and look the item up again to pull that information. For one or two items this is annoying but not impossible but for larger orders this is a huge bottleneck. 


3. Handheld POS systems - We got these devices a few months ago and they have faced many technical issues with re-booting while in the middle of transactions, black-screening when booting, not saving carts and overall low functionality. With a device like this I would expect to be able to scan barcodes and create an inventory list. 

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