Why am I not seeing sales on my ecommerce site?

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why am i not getting sales I don’t get it. 

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Hey there, @Duran23Qw!  


Thanks for your question! You came to the right place. 


Let's start at the beginning - Inconsistency is making an impact
Inconsistency throughout your website might be confusing your customers and might make the site and products feel less legitimate. 


The biggest place this is evident is in the reviews. Under products you have them all listed as 5 stars with 10+ reviews, but in the review tab it says “Be the first to write a review.” 




Following the product into the actual product page we see that there are no reviews there to read:




With the review section at the bottom blank:



You can find reviews at the bottom of the home page but only four of them.



Having some highlight reviews on the homepage is a good idea, but be sure to also include them on the actual product pages as well as the other 10-20 reviews you have for each product. If you use session recordings, which are replays of what people did on your website, you’ll be able to see how people interacted with it. 


Next, focus on your details

There is no actual contact information on the contact us page. I found it on the return policy page, but be sure to also include it on the contact page. A fill in the blank comments and questions form could also be a great way to make it easy for the customer to ask their questions.


Other examples: 

  • You have to use collections. People are coming to look for specific products, and you are making it difficult for them to accomplish that mission. Think about what you can do to make this process easier.
  • Comb through your product pages to make sure they are functioning as you expect. On the Nordic Deer Decor page, there are six different colors shown but no way to choose between the colors and no way to know which color you are going to get. There are also some formatting issues.
  • Use ONE announcement bar rather than multiple. Highlight one message and make sure it’s linked to a collection. Condense these for “$5 off + free shipping” or thereabouts.
  • I would highly recommend being specific and intentional about the products you highlight. You aren’t going to rival Amazon, but you can own your niche. 
  • Consistency is key. I can’t stress that enough - your product images are all different sizes, which gives an unprofessional look on the page. 
  • You forgot a favicon! 


Next, let’s talk about the FAQ page and your main navigation

We need to agree that FAQs are not used for policy pages. I know a lot of Shopify merchants use them as such, but your customers don’t. Customers expect your policy pages to be policy pages and your FAQ to be based on the products you provide. By putting them in the FAQ, you’re making it harder for them to find the answers they’re looking for.


Also, add live chat to your website. Give your visitors a chance to get questions answered in real time while they are still on your store. 


Next, we have to talk about the About Us page
There are some formatting issues here. You’re screaming, “I USED A TEMPLATE!” because it’s generic text and missing your store name! Look, mission statements like these can be great, but they don’t sell your product. 


Tell your visitors your story! Why did you start this store? Add in a real picture of you and make this personal. Make this about YOU. If you’re saying that you just started it because you wanted to, draw in some other inspiration. AND this can also help you further define your brand and niche. 


AND be sure to keep this in the footer! The About Us page is a good page to have, but it isn’t going to make someone buy. Keep it in the footer. 


Finally, consistency is key (again)

You need to inspire trust in your customers when trying to get them to buy things from you. I mentioned inconsistency once, but it needs to be mentioned again. 

Make sure your website is consistent, proofread, and polished the whole way through, while inserting your own brand throughout to distinguish yourself from other stores. A good way to evaluate what pages customers think of the site is by watching them navigate it and if they leave without buying, what page or stage of the buying process they got hung up on. 


Lucky Orange can help you see what your customers are up to on your site and evaluate what pages are working for you and what pages need some changes.

I’d be happy to give you some deeper insights using session recordings if you were interested in setting up a free trial of Lucky Orange. Just tag me in a reply in this post after you’ve added Lucky Orange to your store. I’ll take a look at the visitor behavior insights Lucky Orange is showing specific to your store and give you a few actionable ideas you could use to boost your conversions. 


I hope this helps! Good luck! And don’t forget to @ me in this post when you have Lucky Orange installed. If you need any help at all, don’t hesitate to ask. 


Cheers - Danny

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Hi @Duran23Qw !


@LuckyDanny brought up some amazing points to consider in terms of improving your site. Once you've updated your site to ensure consistency throughout, I'd recommend submiting your sitemap in order to update the information crawled by search engines. This will ensure that you're optimizing search results on Google so that you can drive more traffic to your store. 


With that being said, can you tell me a bit more about the traffic you're currently seeing? What kind of conversion rate do you have at the moment? If you're getting a decent amount of traffic to your store but very little sales, you'll want to zone in on how to gain customer loyalty to eventually build a customer retention strategy. Here's a post that will give you some interesting insight in that regard


I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please let me know. 

Holly | Social Care @ Shopify 
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