Why are customers abandoning their carts on my custom footwear site?

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hi, my website : Mrskicks.com 


Im having issues with having more conversions on my site!


Ive been open now for just over a year selling customised footwear! lots of people love my products but barley anyone wants to order , I get around 4000 visitors a month with only 6 - 20 sales per month at the very most!! 


Ive tried so many ways of getting more orders by improving the site , adding payment instalments , adding sales , discounts and even upping ad spend on google! is there something im doing wrong that's scaring people at checkout? 


yes I understand im not selling £20 products but this shouldn't matter ...  My products are ranging from £190 - 260


for example here are some stats, 

160 visitors per day 

81 added to cart 

33 reached checkout 

7 purchased .... PLEASE HELP ME 



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Hi, @Mrskicks 


This is a great question and I would be very interested in lending some advice on this one. Typically the biggest bottleneck, in general, would be checkout to purchase. Here is where you have the most say on what people do. 

Have you any cart recovery set up, so if someone abandons their cart they are sent an email asking to finish their checkout with a small automatic discount to encourage them? 

Beyond that, can you talk a bit about your shipping, is it perhaps cost-prohibitive? 

Do you know anything about the types of customers that are not checking out, are they from specific regions? Are there any commonalities there? 

Let's discuss!

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I have a automated email sent after 10 hours, My products are a little
different to others as every item is custom made and costs between
£200-£300 and does take Atleast 4-5 weeks to be shipped, my delivery is
Free tracked worldwide so there shouldn’t be a issue there.

I haven’t tried the discount method yet but definitely plan to… I’m just
stuck as I can’t believe I get in 1 month 90 checkouts but NO SALES!! so
frustrating and I don’t understand why… yes maybe the audience/ customers
might be the wrong ones , but how do I get the correct people visiting… I
run Google ads and I post a lot on Instagram! , other than that that’s how
I get traffic , SEO , Google and Instagram , I just think there’s something
wrong or I’m missing out on something as I honestly don’t know what I can
do more to get people to check out, I even had a offer this month for 30%
off all airforces but only 8 people have purchased from me.

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Let's focus on your audience and customer base for a moment. Can you tell me what sort of base you target with your ads on social media? Do you have any specific type of person you like to see? 


It is also important to not just target the "shoe" market per say, but also to target the surrounding interests. For example, people who wear these types of shes also like shoe cleaning products, maybe certain types of designer clothing, etc, you clean appeal across brands this way. 


Can I ask also, have you ever considered influencer marketing? Given the high-end type of products you make, it would be beneficial to appeal to those who review and make these products their livelihood to market them for you through referral schemes, or even giveaways. 

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thanks for your reply, I am definitely going to try some influencer marketing soon but it’s difficult to find some who actually have engaging accounts of people that will actually reply LOL! , and yes the discount at checkout I’ve now got via. Live chat so when someone ads something to cart they’ll get a code pop up to use, but this hasn’t really effected anything , only a couple of people, I get such high add to carts and near enough a decent amount of people getting to checkout but litterally more than half don’t checkout and I just don’t see why?! Why would you input all of your information and then not checkout. 

I have free delivery to the UK & EU, I’m more so UK based customers but I do get a few people from the US trying to purchase from me. I’m wondering is there anything wrong with my website? Do people think I’m a scam ect. I’m going to try to reduce the waiting time from 4 to 2 weeks. 

I don’t really know what type of people are leaving my checkout and I get someone seperate to do my Google ads they’re fine but not up to scratch yet I’ve been running them consistently for a year now, I’m not sure what people are leaving checkout, do you know how I can find this info out? 

do you think I have a bad brand , do you think I’m missing anything on my website… I have 30+ reviews on trustpilot but I don’t really advertise it