Why are my discounts not applying correctly?

Why are my discounts not applying correctly?

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We noticed that our discount feature is not working.    We had created a couple of discount types - and none of them work now.     We have discounts that are for specific people (ie: staff) and we have them in our list as qualified to receive the discount.   When I click the discount, it goes to calculate the discount, but then it just goes back to the full price.   

     I also noticed we can no longer make new discounts for specific people.


Can you fix this.


Peter Egli

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Hi Peter,


Are you able to share what you see when things are not working, or when you can't make discounts? It's hard to know where things might be going wrong without that extra layer of details. It's also hard to try and replicate what you see without it too.

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Hello Jason,

The issue seems to have been fixed. We had also noticed that the
option to select "Customer eligibility" when creating a new discount was not
showing up on Saturday. However, this morning we see that everything seems
to be back to normal.

Thank you,


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