Why does Stocky show an error when scanning the same SKU twice?

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When we receive a transfer from another store, and we try to scan the items received, we notice something strange. If you scan twice the same SKU (since you receive two of them), Stocky, instead of adding +1 to the count of that item, will show an error !?

Any workaround this silly behavior? 

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Stocky is good, but it has missing features for those companies who need a true warehouse management system. We built SKUSavvy to take on those challenges for which Stocky isn't as robust as you would need it to. 


With SKUSavvy you can create transfers from the store to the warehouse (or vis a vis) and check these items in one at a time or many at once with both receiving and sending locations inventory reflecting this adjustment. 


SKUSavvy is a full Shopify WMS meant to facilitate all actions necessary to manage inventory across multiple locations using a visual warehouse layout to assist in the organization of inventory. With SKUSavvy you can scan barcodes on any device using a camera, and it will replace any ShipX type software to handle batch pick-pack-ship operations.


Your first 50 orders are free each month, with each additional order ranging from $0.10-$0.19 per order monthly.

Digital picklist and bin location shown on a visual warehouse layout grid in SKUSavvyDigital picklist and bin location shown on a visual warehouse layout grid in SKUSavvy

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