Why is my POS system frequently crashing on gen 6 iPad?

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At one of our locations we're running POS light on an gen 6 iPad (model #a1893). iOS has been updated recently and Shopify POS was just installed last week, so it should also be up-to-date.


Over the weekend one of our employees complained of a frequent black screen to app crashing after searching our product database. The iPad has very little installed aside from what it came with, and they have no other apps running during their sales day. They boot down and recharge the iPad every night.


Has anyone else experienced issues like this with a gen 6 iPad? How much ram does Shopify POS require to run optimally?


They've also been having issues when typing in the search function, experiencing a strange input issue where the curser jumps to the centre of whatever they're typing. I don't believe it's an issue with the Logitech keyboard they're using, as two of our other locations use the same keyboard and haven't reported any issues. I can't help but wonder if this input problem is related to the black screen crashing.


Thanks in advance.

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