Why is my POS system syncing across multiple iPads?

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Hello. We have been using Shopify POS for about a year now. About three weeks ago our registers started syncing their cash sessions together. It had never done it before but now it is. When we use one iPad to open a cash session it is opening the same session on three other iPads.  So at the end of the day We are having to combine all 4 cash amounts In order to get the correct amount of sales. Any cash sale is showing up on all four registers. As if it is one register making all the sales.  I have chanted or talked with Shopify about four times now. We have tried five different things that they have recommended and no body can figure out what’s going on. And nothing has fixed it. Here’s what we have tried so far

-updating Shopify apps

-logging in and logging out

-resetting the Shopify apps

-disconnecting and reconnecting the Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth, and any hardware connected

-trying a different person‘s login


None of these things has worked. And nobody can figure out what to do. Has anybody else had a problem with us and what was your solution? Thank you so much we’re about ready to tear our hair out






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Hi Tricord did you find a solution? I actually have the opposite problem to you - mine aren't syncing but I'd like them to.