Why isn't the new update fixing the disconnected printer problem?

Why isn't the new update fixing the disconnected printer problem?

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Just got the new update that was supposed to fix the disconnected printer problem form the last update, unfortunately it did not fix the disconnected printer issue.  It did not fix the issue with searching existing customers, it did not fix the hidden cash screen behind the keyboard, it did not fix the extra step after adding a item to the cart forcing you to tap an extra button to go to cart instead of just taking you to the cart.  All of these things have slowed down the process of checking out and none of them have been fixed with the last 2 or 3 updates.  The product is getting worse and worse and the support is nonexistent. 



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I'm sorry you're experiencing these issues. Whenever there's a hiccup or bug it's very frustrating and I can't begin to imagine your frustration with multiple bugs.


I just want to add a different point of view for the "Go To Cart" feature. Most of our products get added by scanning their barcodes. However, when we have products that don't have barcodes,  it's very often the case that the customer will be purchasing multiple variants of the same product. For example, a unisex long sleeve polo. In these cases, we type in "brand unisex long polo" and it shows us the correct product. Then, we can tap on the color/size and without having to go to cart or type the text again, we can tap on the next color/size. Similar, for other variant attributes such as sizes.


For us, this new feature of not automatically going to the cart has been a big timesaver. I would hate for Shopify to revert this feature.


Realizing, however, that not all vendors have the same circumstances, it would be smart for this to be an option we can each select for our particular situation. And that's where an improvement can be made here.