Worth to upgrade to Shopify POS Pro??

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Hi all,


Like to discuss about PRO and CON for upgrade to Shopify POS Pro.
Feel free to comment below XD

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Rivertown...I'm not encouraged about the lack of communication.  We are beginning our search for a new POS and also
another platform entirely. 

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I was actually just told on the phone to take it or leave it.  The support rep said that is their POS now so if I dont like it I can find another company to use that has one I like.    I have tried every way possible to get some sort of acknowledgement that change needs to come and have failed.  It's clear that the money is the main focus. Having to switch really sucks to be honest.   I have years invested in my Shopify site.  What sucks more is how terribly handled this whole thing was.  I really used to like shopify a lot.  Like would rave about it to any business owner who asked me who I used for systems.  I never had a single complaint until the New Pos was forced on my business.  Now I am sure there are a few thousand support logs with my name on it, just trying to get someone to be straight with me.  Perhaps a few too many, but a no point did I ever feel heard or valued by anyone.

So far it looks like squarespace is who I am going with.  I have begun trying to get the website converted over and all that.  Unfortunately there is not a ton of helpful info out there so it is likely to take me longer than expected.   

I am actually in shock that a support team member basically told me to stop calling and sending in reports and to just cancel my shopify account.  Almost as shocked as I am that I was forced to switch POS systems with no other options.

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Wow.  Truly disappointing!

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I am also looking into another POS. I have been with Shopify since May. Nothing but problems. 99% brick and mortar business.

Looking at Lightspeed. Reluctant to go with Square for two reasons. Endless reports that they will lock your account if they think fraud. Once locked you have no way to do business. Also a lack of customer service. The second is that it is owned by Jack Dorsey who owns Twitter.

Lightspeed has given me a free account to try out for 60 days. Do to the Holidays my time has been limited.

I would have to purchase new scanners, readers and printers. But in the last 3 days I have spent 9 hours on the phone and trouble shooting the Shopify system that has been malfunctioning. Small price to pay if the system works.

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Hi Aria, 

We would like to add our store into the list as well. elias-green.myshopify.com

The save to cart feature is the most important to us and we feel cheated having to pay for it now along with the other classic POS features removed in the All-New-POS.

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Thank you to all of you for your feedback. It has all been added to our feature request log which is read by our developers and used to help determine future changes.

Since we can't communicate how feedback is being handled in real-time, I am now going to close this thread to avoid misunderstanding. You can view new product launches and changes in our Changelog.

Thank you!

Aria | Social Care @ Shopify 
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