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Shopify basket is not cleared after payment completion using Worldpay (Offsite) payment

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We have an issue for all customers where the Shopify basket is not being cleared after payment completion using Worldpay (Offsite) payments. I am aware of at least one more Shopify site that has the same issue I shall describe fully below.

Worldpay (Offsite) payment gateway has been configured as per the available Shopify documentation as below.


The customer is sent to the Worldpay payment page, the payment completes, the order is marked as paid on Shopify and the customer is notified of both payment by Worldpay and order confirmation by Shopify.


However the issues are

  • The customer is not returned to Shopify from the Worldpay payment screen to Shopify confirmation
  • More seriously, when the customer returns to Shopify the products remain in the cart which could confuse them and attempt payment again.

We have queried this with WorldPay support who state this is a Shopify integration. To resolve the issue we tried to

  • In WorldPay Add <wpdisplay item=MC_callback> as the redirect URL in addition to the payment response URL as stated in the setup guide.
  • Under WorldPay support instructions edited resultsC.htm and resultsY.htm to add the store homepage address which returned the customer to the store but products remain in the basket


We need to know why this is happening and how this can be resolved.



The Shopify instructions are as below for info.


About WorldPay (Offsite)
In order to use WorldPay you must manually log into your WorldPay Merchant Interface and set up the following:

  • Select Installations from the left hand navigation
    Choose an installation and select the Integration Setup button for either the TEST or PRODUCTION environment
  • Check the Enable Payment Response checkbox
  • Enter the following into the Payment Response URL input field:
    <wpdisplay item=MC_callback>
  • Click the Save Changes button
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Hi @RBDCNeil ,


Thanks for your post.


I would have payment partner contact us to report this through their Partner Dashboard under 'Support' where we can gather some technical details in order to troubleshoot this. 


Hope that helps.


Developer Support @ Shopify
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Thanks for taking the time to respond. I do in fact work for the Shopify partner supporting this customer store. Shopify support from the partner portal was the first option I tried and have provided full details including the store affected to three separate support agents, but they have unfortunately not been unable to resolve or escalate the issue. The last agent I worked with was most helpful but directed me to post the issue here.

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I am having the same issue on my site. We went live today with WorldPay (offsite). I processed two transactions to test and the items remained in my basket.

I will be interested to hear the outcome and how to resolve.