401 Unauthorized Error using the bulk operations API

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I am trying to use the new beta gatsby-source-shopify plugin which leverages the Shopify bulk operations API (https://github.com/gatsbyjs/gatsby-source-shopify-experimental). I have configured the private app in shopify according to the plugin's readme, but am getting a 401 unauthorized error on gatsby develop: 


Unexpected error encountered: Response {
size: 0,
timeout: 0,
[Symbol(Body internals)]: {
body: PassThrough {
_readableState: [ReadableState],
_events: [Object: null prototype],
_eventsCount: 5,
_maxListeners: undefined,
_writableState: [WritableState],
allowHalfOpen: true,
[Symbol(kCapture)]: false,
[Symbol(kCallback)]: null
disturbed: false,
error: null
[Symbol(Response internals)]: {
url: 'https://{apikey}:{password}@audioc0re-swag-shop.myshopify.com/admin/api/2021-01/graphql.json',
status: 401,
statusText: 'Unauthorized',
headers: Headers { [Symbol(map)]: [Object: null prototype] },
counter: 0


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This is an accepted solution.

You could raise your issue at the repository of that codebase. More than likely your problems are something they can quickly debug and help you fix. There is nothing in your question here that really can be helped by this community, short of someone else who uses that code, and understands your problem. So to broaden your chances of help, try there!

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