Adding a FulfillmentOrder on Order Creation

Hey Everyone,

   I've been digging through and testing the FulfillmentOrder and this doesn't seem possible so I want to verify.  We have a lot of merchants asking us to set the fulfillment location when an order is created.  Shopify has supported multiple locations for a long time and it would make sense for developers to be able to set the location of the fulfillment on order creation.  We have a lot of merchants who user our apps that need to set different locations when doing an import.  

   If I have this correct, it seems there is only one way to set the fulfillment location and that is by first creating the order, then pulling the orders FulfillmentOrders and finally making a call to move the FulfillmentOrder to the new location.  There are a few issues I can see with this:

  1. This turns a single order creation call into 3.  We have a lot of customers that create a large number of orders at a time.  This will slow down the import process a lot.  This will really cause issues for someone with hundreds of thousands of orders.
  2. When the order is created, it's actually creating the incorrect location.  Just because it's the default location in Shopify doesn't mean the merchant wants every order to use that location.  Having a workflow that has to cancel out a FulfillmentOrder as soon as it's created doesn't seem right.
  3. This will cause all orders that are created with a location that is not the default to have multiple FulfillmentOrders (yes the status will be canceled on one of them) which again is messy and can easily be fixed.

  A simple solution here would be to support adding a FulfillmentOrder when sending Order data to the Order API.  This is how the majority of other associated resources work when creating orders so it makes sense that the FulfillmentOrder would be the same.  This will keep the API consistent and efficient, it also cuts down on unnecessary API calls. 

So my two questions are:

  1. Is it possible to send the FulfillmentOrder data while creating an Order.  I've tried this and it doesn't work so not sure if I'm missing something.
  2. If it isn't possible, is this something Shopify would be willing to consider adding to the API since it will keep the Order creation API consistent with the other resources and help us app developers keep our apps running efficiently as well as keeping the merchants back-end data clean.

As always, thanks for the help and time looking over my question!

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