Adding custom feature / elements into the theme editor through App

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Hi All

Just wanted to run this past the community to get any sort of guidance, i am fairly new to Shopify Apps and just getting used to how it all works!

I am looking to build an app that has a set of custom elements that allow users to add and manipulate image, text etc.

When creating my own test Shopify site, i felt the best place to house these features was the theme editor (so when users are editing the webpage they can drag and drop the custom element!)

Thats my train of thought at the moment, I just have no idea how to do that using an app - and cant find any documentation around it.

I want the app / custom features to be available to any theme (without having to actually edit the theme).

Is this doable on Shopify?

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I have same issue , shopify development is so difficult to understand compare to woo commerce, the documents is not much helpful , Api, extension, app bridge, theme extension, script tag brabrabra , I read them but what do I do ? I just want add a button on the product detail page with some javascript function