API connection to other shopify stores and other platforms such as woocommerce or magento.

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We currently use Shopify as our platform to sell but we have multiple suppliers who are on different platforms that would like to automate inventory levels via API so that we can automate order processing and tracking information being pushed back to our order to make everything smooth. We have one supplier who uses Shopify and their IT team created a manual app on our Shopify store that connects to their Shopify and feeds our website stock levels and automates order processing and tracking information. We would like to see how we can leverage Shopify platform to connect to other stores to do the same thing such as woocommerce or Magento. 



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Yes, this is easily doable using the Shopify API and can work with any supplier and whatever platform them as long as they have API


you can drop me email makkysolutionsltd@gmail.com