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app-bridge without using react (using vue.js instead)

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As the title says, I'm using vue.js for my embedded app's frontend. I plan to use vue-router to enable client side routing.

How do I ensure AppBridge doesn't perform full iframe page loads when navigation occurs?

Is there a non-React way to enable the functionality from the AppBridge ClientRouter (which appears to be React-specific)?

Ignore the above; as usual, posting publicly leads to the information I needed:

By default, App Bridge applies URL changes from outside your app, such as from a navigation item being clicked, by changing the iframe URL. If your app uses client-side routing, such as React Router, then you need to override this behaviour to avoid unnecessary full-page reloads.

To override the default behaviour, subscribe to the Redirect.ActionType.APP action:


import {Redirect} from '@shopify/app-bridge/actions';

app.subscribe(Redirect.ActionType.APP, function(redirectData) {
  console.log(redirectData.path); // For example, '/settings'



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I'm having the same issue.. What file did you put this in? Or what does the entire file look like? As I have no idea where to put this snippet.. Thanks

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