Billing API integration for multiple recurring plans

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Hi there,

I'm following the steps mentioned in this link for my app installation and Billing API integration. I'm done till app installation and generating access token for the shop.  After that I need to show the merchants the option to choose the app plan. I've three recurring plans for my app. 

1. How can I create three recurring plans in shopify so that merchant can choose one from them? I tried creating three  RecurringApplicationCharge in a single api call, but it is creating only one. 

2. Do I need to create separate pricing page in my server so that merchants can choose the plan? Or shopify will provide the option to select it?

3. I'm providing 7 days trial period for all three plans. Once I create the recurring charge, will it ask for credit card details initially during app installation?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Did you figure it out? If yes please help me too

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Hey @testuser052319.


To answer your questions in order:


1. You cannot create more than one recurring plan on a shop at once.

2. Correct, you need to create a pricing page for merchants to choose from. Their choice shapes the body of the recurring application charge you end up creating. That's all within your interface.

3. If the merchant has not yet added credit card information to their shop, they will be prompted for credit card information at the charge confirmation stage, before they are redirected back to your app where you would normally activate the charge.