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Can't fulfill order from API - "An error occurred, please try again"

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I get this response from the API:

'{"errors":{"base":["An error occurred, please try again"]}}'


My request is

	"fulfillment": {
		"order_id": [REDACTED],
		"line_items": [{
			"id": [REDACTED],
			"quantity": 3
		}, {
			"id": [REDACTED],
			"quantity": 3
		}, {
			"id": [REDACTED],
			"quantity": 1
		"tracking_number": "[REDACTED]",
		"tracking_company": "[REDACTED]",
		"tracking_url": "[REDACTED]",
		"notify_customer": true,
		"location_id": [REDACTED]


to /admin/orders/[ORDER_ID]/fulfillments.json

the response is very uninformative. The order is unfulfilled, fully paid, and not archived. What's wrong?


x-request-id: d91f1656-76e3-42f4-a383-af56fe2c39e6

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey @sophief 

We've checked out the supplied request_id and a 422 Unprocessable Entity error was served, which indicates some issue with the data being passed in the call.

I'd recommend checking the supplied ID's to make sure what is passed is valid, and if still no progress, the best bet would be to contact Shopify Support, they'll be able to raise a ticket and take a look. Thanks!

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