Carrier service and discounts

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Hello Shopify,

We're currently facing an issue with our app and the Carrier Service when we need to calculate the shipping price. 

We would like to offer free shipping based on the total cart amount, but it dosen't seem to be 100% possible when discounts is applied to the cart.

As far as i can see in the documentation, only the items price is included in the callback? So let's say that we offer free shipping over 1000 Currency. An item that cost 1200 is added to the cart, but a discount code is applied that subtract 300. Now the price is 900, but the shipping is still free, since we can't see the discount code applied. 

Am i overlooking something? :) 


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Anyone that can provide an update on this?

Is it being looked at by shopify?

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Same problem here, it blows my mind why this isn't resolved yet, the oldest request on this is is from 2016.. we should at least get the order total after discounts.

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I also am having this problem. A customer wants free shipping on the price AFTER discounts. 

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Same here, anyone found a solution?

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This seems to be still an issue.