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Changing Prices Dynamically in Product page.

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Hi all i am an expirenced programmer but new to shopify liquid.

Is it possible to change prices withn in shopify product page dynamically?

My products require very advance customization, and we need to update the prices in a dynamic way. 

I know how to add custom field, but need to update the prices with out resorting to variants (which are very limiting).

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Hi all, any help? If anyone could point me to the right direction i would be really greatful. thanks.

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First you need to understand how the checkout and cart works.

Everything added to the cart is a variant.

So if you have a product - and some form of customisation increases the price - you are doing one of these things:

  • Adding a different variant at the price you wanted. This must exist on the store
  • Adding the standard product PLUS another product that covers the cost of the customisation. Perhaps it's a base product for the ring, and another product for the gem for example
  • Use an app that creates a brand new product on the store. Once made that product is then added to the cart. Be warned on this one - the idea does not scale well. If you expect to get many order at once you'll quickly hit the API call limit. This requires custom development and not something you'd do with Theme code alone.
  • Using the Draft Orders API to create a custom product. Same API issues as above and perhaps the path that is my least favourite.
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Ive explored using variants and options. But there are limites. Shopify only allows 3 options and 100 variants. some of my products have 5 options~ Is there a work around for this?

Using the API to add products sounds messy, becuase we would be adding all sorts of products into the catalogue, and that could cause problems with other apps. Am i wrong?

thanks for your help.

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also, wouldnt adding new products mess up my analytics as well?

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Have you found work around this? other then creating custom app?

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Hi! Did anyone figure out this? In my case, my client's products are to be sold by more-than-one each time (pet food packages), so when I try to add, let's say 2 or more packages, the total price doesn't get added in the product page. Only in the cart...



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I'm facing a similar problem than OP, and found your comment very informative, but it seems old.

Do you know if we have some new features since 2017 that allow a new scenario in your list?

In my case I will have products will add to the final price, and also options only to customize the product but that will not modify the price.

I discarted the variants options because of the limit, the customizations could have more than 10 options in some cases, some of them adding to the price.

Thank you for your time.