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Confusing rejection of my App submission

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After my first submit I got following rejected message:

1. Your partner account requires an emergency developer contact. The app is missing a developer emergency contact phone.
2. Your app hasn't subscribed to mandatory GDPR webhooks.
Shopify requires all apps to be GDPR compliant. Add our mandatory webhooks to your app from the App setup page.

After I fixed the issues I got following rejected message:


1. Correct this functionality error in your app's features. Your scopes have not been granted. Make sure to submit your app when your scopes are granted. The scopes specifically are: write_customer_payment_methods and write_own_subscription_contracts

2. Update your app name to something unique. Using a generic descriptor as an app name doesn't comply with our requirements. Ensure you also update your app's name in the Partner Dashboard. See this screenshot for details.

3. Update your tagline to clarify what the app does and how it benefits the merchant. The tagline should be informative, unique, and help promote your app in compliance with our requirements. See this screenshot for details.

4. Remove competitors, other apps, and unrelated terms from the search terms field. Only relevant descriptors that help merchants discover your app comply with our requirements. See this screenshot for additional details.

5. Include a screencast to demonstrate your app's onboarding and functionality as a part of your testing instructions to comply with our requirements. This will enable us to determine your app workflow as well.

6. Remove text from your key benefit images to comply with our requirements. See this screenshot for additional details.

7. Update your key benefit images to not include screenshots of your app. Review our key benefit guidelines for additional details. See this screenshot for details.


I compared some details with similar apps which are approved and there are not issues with these apps, e.g. the text on image.

I called my app "shop image editor" and don't understand whats wrong with the name?

Why I need write_customer_payment_methods and write_own_subscription_contracts if I just edit images? 

I need to remove search terms like bulk image editor oder image SEO because these are used from other developer as shop name. Let say, I sell banana but I can not use it as search term because the competitors name is banana. These are common search terms.

Is there any new strict rules for new app developer at shopify?

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