Create multiple price rules for different Products

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We are planning to create an UPSELL/Cross Sell App, where if any Triggers met the conditions a popup will show with an offer. 

(Just for ex. If I add to cart Product N then the popup with few other products will show up)

The ideas is to create an offer that will do the following for ex.: 

Group A: Product A, Product B, Product C - Discount of 10% 
Group B: Product D, Product E, Product F - Discount of 10$ 

Now if I am a Customer, and I want to add to cart Product N, - the POPUP will show, so I want to add Product A and Product D (with a discount). 

Let me explain what I tried to do and where I am blocked. 
I created a Price rule for Group A and B, after that I created a Discount Code for Group A and Group B - (Discount A, Discount B) - the problem here is that I can't apply only 1 Discount. 

I tried to create an automated Discount and I have the same problem. I know for sure there is a solution for this as these guys from Helixo,  UFE are doing here: 

Admin: Create multiple Discounts for same offer:
Cart: You can see in the cart this - (as far as I saw this is made via JS - which we can do it)
Checkout: - you can see here there are 2 different policies for different products 
Admin Side: - you may see here that they don't create any Discounts (while when I create any Discounts via GraphQL or Rest API - I see them in admin) 

I spend a few days looking on how to do so but never found any solutions. 

Any help will highly appreciated. 




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Any luck so far? Me too ended up in a similar situation.

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Right now i calculate single discount for all items by myself using single price rule (it's not user friendly (UX) but i don't have any choice).