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I'm wondering about a note on the "Refund Duties..." tutorial. The note says...

"While the functionality to refund duties is in developer preview, the values returned are generated and are not consistent with actual duty rates set by each country."

Does this mean that the values are generated (instead of actual) only while testing on a store in developer preview or that, while the functionality is in developer preview, any attempts to access the values on a live store (using a private app) will also be generated and not actual?

Since Shopify-calculated duties aren't available to merchants yet, we're looking at creating a private app to pull the Duty info via the LineItems field, total the duties for all products in an order and add the total in the cart (at least until the total duties are released in the 2021-04 release). But I want to make sure that I'm reading the documentation correctly as to whether the duties field in the LineItem is accurate or if they are randomly generated as long as Duties and Taxes are in developer preview.

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