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Embedded App from Development Store admin dashboard redirects to host url and then redirects back

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Issue summary

I am using shopify-app-cli to build a node.js project. I just created a simple embedded app to test it on the development store. The issue is that, when I open the app from the store admin dashboard, it redirects to the host url (happened for both ngrok url and heroku url) and then redirects back to the admin dashboard.
You can have a clearer view of the problem here:

Expected behavior

It should not have redirected me outside the admin dashboard and redirect back.
It should have stayed inside the admin dashboard and not redirect anywhere else.

Actual behavior

When opening the app from the development store it gets redirected to the host url and then redirects back to the admin dashboard.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Install App to development store
  2. Logout of Store
  3. Login to Store again
  4. Go to Apps section
  5. Open the app
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