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Export Shopify Blog posts to Wordpress Blog

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Hope all is well!

I saw a similar post to this, but it has been closed because of it's age and I'm creating a new one to see if things have changed.

What options are there for exporting Shopify blog posts into a Wordpress blog? We use excerpts on our Shopify posts, so bringing up the RSS from feedburner and/or adding .atom to the end of the url on a blog page only shows the excerpts and not the full posts. So AFAIK, I don't think we can import from an RSS feed, unless there is a way to create an RSS with the full posts and not the excerpts.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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As no one has answered here, did you find a way to export the blog posts to Wordpress?

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Friendly bump in hopes of someone having an answer 🙂

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Sorry for the late reply! I'm not sure what kind of options you have when importing into Wordpress, but I understand from above that it accepts RSS feeds? 

In that case I guess you could create a private app that functions as a proxy between Shopify and Wordpress. The API returns full blog posts, which you can use to create a full bodied RSS feed. It actually wouldn't be too hard to make.

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