Facebook Pixel Error: Server External ID Not Matching to Pixel External ID for Purchase Event

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Hi there,

I know this is more on the facebook site but i hope someone can help me since i am not getting the same data in shopify than i get in facebook for my ad campaigns.

The Facebook Pixel says there is this error on the purchase event:




Any ideas on how to fix this problem and if this is related to my facebook ads data not showing up correctly in the marketing section in my shopify account?


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For a while I used Elevar. It seems to work (although not all checkout pages are accessible), but I still had some doubts. We've just completed the switch back to Woocommerce, and it's a bless. We see more conversions already on our Facebook pixel. Also, multi language issues are all gone, as well as tax VAT issues. The javascript client-side calculations made Google unhappy for pricing and reviews. It's more maintenance, but at least it works.

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Looks like an issue on either the FB and/or Shopify side. It also just started around the same date for one of my stores. It's been 18 days now. I won't complain much because it has no impact on the sales. (In fact, sales have been up by 40%. Most likely unrelated though)

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Hey I tried to solved it but like you either Facebook or Shopify that are not helpful. // Maybe in the settings of Facebook, maybe in automatic advanced matching parameters try to keep only with parameterssuch as name,surname, email address ? for me i always have the problem "server sending external id but not pixel". By the way are you sure that the pixel helper in your printscreen the right side one is from shopify native connection or from some third party app connection?

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I just got reply from FB support team. 


"Thank you for reaching out to let us know about the problem you are having with Pixel.

Please explain the client that this error is about Deduplication, If you connect website activity using both the Pixel and Conversions API, we may receive the same events from the browser and the server. If we know that the events are the same and therefore redundant, we can keep one and discard the rest. Here , I can see that in the client account all the events are shared between browser and server.

About the error, Client is sending the parameters for PageView event and View content event from the server, but not sending the same parameter for these events from the pixel code. In order to solve this issues client or the clients web developer should add 2 event parameters that help us determine if the events are the same: the event name (for example, Page view or View content) and the event ID.This helps the pixel for deduplication issue."

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If you use automatic built-in integration Shopify with Facebook, then the incorrect value of the parameter content_ids passes to the Pixel. So you can see the issue.


Solution - to turn off automatic built-in integration Shopify with Facebook, to take the application for creating a feed for Facebook Catalog (for exampledatafeedwatch), install the Google Tag Manager (GTM), and manually set up the correct transfer value of parameters to Facebook Pixel using dataLayer and javaScript.


This is the only solution to this mistake that I know of.

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Hi oh that looks so complicated, think the automatic integration and the server external id doesn't impact a lot on final campaigns results right?


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Incorrect external id affects dynamic ads. In particular on dynamic retargeting.
If the external id is incorrect you can't show users of your site products, which they looked.

It is not complicated if to know how to do it. 🙂 Write to me in private if you need help.