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Fulfillment Service : How does this make any sense?

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If you turn on Fulfillment Orders for your Fulfillment Service, and you receive a FULFILLMENT_REQUEST, then you are expected to make a query to get more information to decide if you can even deal with the request. Let us remember, that for any one order, any line items assigned to the fulfillment service are grouped into a single FulfillmentOrder resource.

Shopify specifies that when you get a request, you then query the shop for assignedFulfillmentOrders. But this makes NO SENSE as really, if you want to know what is going on with the request, you should be able to ask for the assignedFulfillmentOrder. I should not be asking for the first ten. Why would there be ten fulfillment orders for me to process? The merchant has requested ONE fulfillment request, specifically for the one fulfillmentOrder, which may have many line items, but still is one group.

So when telling use to query this, it makes no sense. Please do clarify how on earth I could actually get more than one fulfillmentOrder object or an order assigned to my fulfillment service.

This seems wrong. And even if I did get 2 or more, how do I decide which one is for me to deal with? If they are all for me to deal with, why are you sending me more than one? How can one order have more than one for me to deal with?


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