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GraphQL API Bug: "PublishablePublish access denied" write_publications scope not available

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When running the mutation publishablePublish, you will get back an error: 

PublishablePublish access denied.
This is due to the missing App scope 'write_publications'. In the Shopify App Permissions console, write_publications is not a permission that can be added.
due to this limitation, when adding/modifying a product by the GraphQL API, you cannot add the product to channels - all products will need to be manually applied to channels via the shopify admin UI
I've seen workarounds on the forums that state to use the deprecated methods - but the deprecated methods do not allow the modification of channels besides "online store"
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This is quite frustrating. It seems weird to me that you cannot publish to the channel of the app you are authenticated as.

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I second that.

Is there anybody at Shopify listening?

This sounds crazy.


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We're facing the same issue! This is madness!