GraphQL Permissions?

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I would like to query publications, which needs the read_publications access scope.


I can't seem to find the read_publications access scope in our private apps' Admin API Permissions.

However, I did find that by installing Shopify's GraphiQL app, it asked for permissions which included  read_publications.


This is my GraphQL Query:

  publications (first: 5) {
    edges {
      node {

It returns successfully with the GraphiQL app, but not with API requests using the private app's credentials (due to the missing permissions).


How can I set the read_publications access scope for private apps?


Thank you!


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Unfortunately a known issue that as far as I am aware of hasn't been addressed or commented on by Shopify so far.

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Hey Nicole,


Although visible in the GraphQL documentation, the `read_publications` access scope is currently only accessible by Shopify apps such as the GraphiQL App you mentioned.


We are currently in the process of determining an approval process for other apps which may require the scope. I would recommend you keep an eye on our developers changelog for any announcements on the topic.

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@Zameer haven't seen any updates regarding this, I am also stuck on the same problem as the OP. I need read_publications scope but cannot seem to add them via the private apps console.



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Same here. Stuck on this one and can't move forward with what my user wants without the ability to get the publication IDs. I need to be able to request "read_publications/write_publications" for my app.

Or at least be able to somehow get the publication ID for the Online Store. I can get the published status from the REST API by requesting "published_at" and "published_scope", so why wouldn't it be available from the GraphQL API too?

Thanks very much!

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Almost two years !!!


Shopify, you are very quickly to solve our problems.