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GraphQL: Unable to use Mutation orderEditBegin using unstable version

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Using orderEditBegin is giving me a null calculatedOrder id. Reference:


By doing this query in POSTMAN:


mutation beginEdit{
 orderEditBegin(id: "gid://shopify/Order/<ORDER ID>"){



    "data": {
        "orderEditBegin": {
            "calculatedOrder": null




X-Shopify-Access-Token: Private App Password
Content-Type: application/json



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Hi @JaypeeGaran,


Are you attempting this mutation on a developer preview shop?  Currently the only way to test Order Editing is using the unstable version on a Developer Preview.


See for more information.


Best Regards,




Ryan | Shopify 
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I'm having this issue on a production store with the 2020-01 api version. According to the guide:


I'm still receiving null for the CalculatedOrder.


Am I doing something wrong?



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Hi @puda_cb 

Us too, have you managed to find a fix?


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Hello @Ryan,


I am able to edit an order using graphql if I create the order manually in the admin page for a development store I am using to build an order editing process I want to apply to my actual store. However, when I try to edit an order that i have created using graphql, I get "calculatedOrder": null in the response. In addition, i cannot edit the order manually if I create the initial order in graphql. So the problem seems to be with orders created by graphql. There are no obvious issues actually creating the order with graphql btw - everything looks fine (item, price, shipping, etc.) when I do this and then check the order in the development store. 

My app has permissions to edit orders, and indeed it does this just fine if I create the order manually. Is there some setting or configuration that I am potentially missing from the order creation process that permits it to be edited?

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Hi @jameslobsenz,


I'm having a similar issue where orders created on a development store (through the Online Store itself) return the object properly but orders placed through a live store do not, they give nil/null for the `calculatedOrder` object.


Did you find a solution for this?