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I'm trying to use the newer cursor based paging.  I use a url similar to:


The headers returned with after the call to the api have:

x-shopify-shop-api-call-limit: 1/40
x-shopify-api-version: 2019-07
link: ; rel="next"

There is no 'page_info' parameter for me to use to get the next page of results.  And how do I use a 'rel' attribute in an API call?  Is this passed as a 'rel' header?

Be really helpful if someone could post a code segment of looping through some pages.  The docs don't make a lot of sense to me since the response headers in the docs don't match the response headers from the api.

I'd think it would be something like:

do {
  $new_data = Http:get("shop/admin/api/2019-07/products.json?limit=5".($link_info?"&page_info=$link_info":'') );
  $link_header = getLinkHeader();
  $link_info= $link_header;  // should contain something like page_info=xyz&rel=next
  if( $new_data )
} while(!empty($new_data));
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Hello again @tbirnseth , 


Have you attempted any other method of sending these calls to eliminate potential causes yet? If this happens with a cURL request too it would be good information to have since it would point to a shop issue which is yet to come up. If that were the case I could set up a private app on whatever shop you're using to see if I can replicate the same result.


For example, this cURL should work if you swap in your own private app API credentials and shop URL, provided that you're using a private app that is. 


curl -I -X GET https://{private_app_api_key}:{private_app_password}@{shop_url} -H 'Content-Type: application/json'

If your app uses OAuth and has an access token instead, you can send the cURL to your shop URL with your access token as a header : 


curl -I -X GET https://{shop-url} -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "X-Shopify-Access-Token: {app_access_token}"

If the link header is still missing after trying one of the above requests and you could post the result of the cURL here, it would help a lot. 

Josh | Shopify 
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