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How to connect shopify store to customer account

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We are having some trouble connecting a users account on our platform to the shopify store that has installed our app.

Our current user flow is:

1. User creates account on our platform

2. User can specify shopify store to integrate to their account

2a. If store is not installed, send to install link to install our shopify app

2b. If store has our app installed, use shopify admin api to get email associated with store and send integration email to link to account.

This current flow has failed when submitting for approval. How should the link between a user account on our platform and the users shopify store be done? We did not want to be able to have a user enter a shopify store they do not own and get access to api info if that store happened to have our app installed. Can we remove this step and just assume that the previous scenario will not happen?

Are there any examples out there of doing this?


The failure reason we got was: " App should be integrating automatically with shop credentials via OAuth." Our app installation uses Oauth. Its the extra step of connecting that shopify store app installation to the users account on our platform that we are stuck on.






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I think I figured it out.

If i set the user's account ID as a cookie on the install link request (similar to the state to ensure that its from shopify), the callback from that will have the account ID in the response.

Is this the correct way to do this?