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How to convert your regular app to Shopify POS?

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I read the docs and did some searching but couldn't find good documentation around this.

Can anyone please help with some info on how to make your existing Shopify app usable in POS?

The questions I have:

1) Do you just enable it and use your same app link, then available to merchants in POS? (and they go through the same install process of accepting charges and redirecting to the app?)

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2) Does the API work the same with POS and regular apps?

3) If we need to edit code for webhooks / API requests in our app, is there a way to determine if the user is on POS or store front?

4) Any pitfalls or gotchas to look out for when converting your app to be Shopify POS compatible?

Thanks, I haven't used Shopify POS so just going by what I've seen in the Shopify docs.


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