how to exchange data between my software and the Shopify platform

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Hello !

I am looking to use an external software to track inventory and do my invoicing. 

i would like to know how to exchange data between my software and the Shopify platform.

Send the list of products from ERP to Shopify (code, description, price, stock,….)

Read the list of sales made by Shopify to ERP (number, date, customer, amount, product list ….)

We usually use a data exchange through csv files using the ftp protocol, but we can also use web services if available.


Could anyone help with this ? Shopify support team advised me to post this question on this forum as they are unable to answer. 


thanks in advance !!

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Hey Francesca

It depends what software you are using at present at what capabilities it has for data connections. Our platform has connections to Shopify and we specialise in connecting our users to their software to automate and streamline data flows between systems. We have connected ERP's like SAP for clients and between Shopify and other ecommerce suites. As we have all the integrations with Shopify built half the work is already done with our system. If you want discuss further I can get my developers involved in the technical aspects with whatever software you are using and work out the possibilities. You can shoot me an email to

If you have your own developers then they should be able to check the Shopify API docs and develop and integration themselves:



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