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How to integrate shopify graphql admin api to non shopify app?

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Hi, everyone.

I am newbie to shopify and api.

So I have one question.

Can I use the shopify api at non shopify app?

In the other word, I hope to import and update shopify store products at non shopify-store.

So I have been searching some references but I can see only shopify app to use shopify api, and I can see shopify app at only shopify store.

That is not what I want.

This question maybe very silly. but I hope your understanding

Please teach me and share some reference links.

Thank you  

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Would you be able to share more details about what you're hoping to accomplish with the Shopify graphql api?

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So shpoify APi requests access token and there are 2 ways to acquire the access token for a particular shopify store. One is by installing a Shopify app and upon installing, access token will be exchanged. Another method is creating a custom app on the store and that will generate an access token that can be used to make API requests

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Thank you @samc 

But how can I create custom app on store?

You mean create custom app on partner dashboard window?

Kind regards. 🙂

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No, see


it is generating a token specifically for the store and you can use that in your code