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How to mark a product "Out of Stock" when not managing inventory through Shopify?

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Hi everyone!

For our particular store's setup, it might not make sense to have Shopify track our inventory, we have a system all set up to take care of it ourselves.  I'm fully able to set inventory_management to null and fulfillment_service to manual via the api.  That's 99% of the battle!  However, I need to be able to quickly mark a product/variant as "Out of Stock" via an API call for the remaining piece.  In the liquid templates there are a lot of flags for product.available, to show "out of stock" badges and whatnot.

Is it possible to set product.available with a simple api call?

Thanks all!  Let me know if you need more information.

EDIT - to be clear, I don't want to unpublish the product.  I want the product to remain visible on the store, search results, etc, but I want it to appear as "out of stock."

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