How to parse Link data from header data in PHP?

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Can anyone guide me how to parse next and previous page link from below code using PHP?

Link: "<https://{shop}{version}/products.json?page_info={page_info}&limit={limit}>; rel={next}, 
<https://{shop}{version}/products.json?page_info={page_info}&limit={limit}>; rel={previous}"

Thank you!

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Try something like preg_match():


preg_match("/<(.*)>; rel=\"next\"/", $link_str, $matches);

$matches[1] in this case will end up being the matching substring representing the next page link. I'm not a PHP developer so there may be another way, and there's probably a better regular expression to use, but I feel that's a good stating point.



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Using the code below, you can call returnHeaderArray() on your 'Link' header and it will return an array that will contain previous and next links if available. 


function returnHeaderArray($linkHeader) {
        $cleanArray = [];

        if (strpos($linkHeader, ',') !== false) {
            //Split into two or more elements by comma
            $linkHeaderArr = explode(',', $linkHeader);
        } else {
            //Create array with one element
            $linkHeaderArr[] = $linkHeader;

        foreach ($linkHeaderArr as $linkHeader) {
            $cleanArray += [
                extractRel($linkHeader) => extractLink($linkHeader)
        return $cleanArray;

    function extractLink($element) {
        if (preg_match('/<(.*?)>/', $element, $match) == 1) {
            return $match[1];

    function extractRel($element) {
        if (preg_match('/rel="(.*?)"/', $element, $match) == 1) {
            return $match[1];


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Got any reply regarding that issue.


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what is $linkheader which is passed in function please tell.......

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Old but if somebody needs it: 

// Use your http client|response to get the response header value from the offset "Link":
$headerValue = $response->getHeader('Link')
// File "previous" and "next" links:
= [];
foreach (explode(',', $headerValue) as $string) {
if (preg_match("/<(?<link>[^>]+)>;\s*rel=\"?(?<rel>[a-z]+)\"?/i", $string, $matches) === 1) {
if (!isset($matches['rel'])) {
throw new \Exception("Cannot parse header value. Missing matches[rel].");
if (!isset($matches['link'])) {
throw new \Exception("Cannot parse header value. Missing matches[link].");
$links[trim($matches['rel'])] = trim($matches['link']);

 Return example using documentation example header string:

array (
'previous' => 'https://{shop}',
'next' => 'https://{shop}',

 Return example using real world example header string (with no "previous" link):

array (
'next' => '',