How to search/filter products from a specific collection with Shopify API or GraphQL

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I am still using the products API endpoint without versioning to be able to filter products from a specific collection by partially matching the title:


This is working well for now, but might not work forever as in newer API versions the partial search by title is already disabled.


I tried filtering products by tags, using the same API and with and without versioning, but the tags were not considered and just all products were being returned.


As far as I see filtering products in a collection using GraphQL is still not possible. Or was there an update lately?


So can anybody help and tell me, how I can filter/search for products in a specific collection?

Your help is highly appreciated!!!

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Same issue here.

How can you search substrings of product titles/description within a specific collection?

I can't find any API (REST of GraphQL) that supports it.

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I was facing the same problem and i found that it is not possible to filter products from a collection in GraphQL. It's a shame I mean, such a foundamental feature. How is this possible?!

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