Integrating Shopify with Dan Murphy's Endeavour Marketplace in Australia via API

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Hey API gurus!

I would love to integrate Shopify with Dan Murphy's Endeavour Marketplace in Australia -

Even if it's just for accepting orders and updating shipping details (no need to update catalogs/products).


They do have an API available:

And they have a support article that speaks to authentication:

Endeavour Marketplace Api supports 2 types of authentication.

  • Google Authentication using Bearer tokens (currently used for endeavourmarketplace front-end)
  • ApiKey authentication, which can be used by backend systems e.g.
    curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: ApiKey {YourApiKey}' '' 

There are some sensitive api's which cannot be called with ApiKey which include user, bankdetails and apikeys.
Only Supplier Admins and Supplier Users can generate apikeys and these keys are associated with user who created the key.
To generate apikey for yourself click here


If anyone knows of a turnkey solution to do this, appreciate letting me know.

If anyone has done this already, appreciate any suggestions/guidance.

If anyone is confident they can build this for me, welcome an estimate.


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I am A shopify API expert and have helped many customer.


Drop me email :


Happy to hellp.

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Hi! Did you find a solution to this? I would be interested in a similar integration.

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Hi Jilly,

I built the order integration using Zapier. Wasn't easy but it is working well.

Can't get Endeavour's APIs to work for the tracking update though. Waiting on them to get back to me (for a couple months now).

If you're interested in more details, pop me a private message with your email address.