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Integrration existing mobile application with Shopify

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Hello Dear Shopify Community!


I want to integrate my flutter mobile application with Shopify.
There are a lot of questions, and I hope that here will get answers for all of them. 🙂

I see that there are several SDKs - for ios, android, and JS and several sets of APIs: admin/storefront/ajax.
First of all, because the application is flutter based using mobile SDKs is problematic, also, I have already a backend with what my application communicates, therefore I want to make the integration on the backend side.

Do I able to implement full purchase flow with Admin APIs or I need to use StoreFront APIs?
In the application user able to choose all settings for purchase - delivery address, timeslot, payment method (credit card/PayPal) - and all we need to get from Shopify is an URL to the payment page. Is it possible?

I have found carts API only in Ajax, and as I understood it is normal practice to manage carts, not on the Shopify side. Right?

How can I calculate the price for products in the user's cart? I found order_draft API within which I can do the calculation, but also I found a limitation: not possible to calculate the price with discounts.
In general, how it is bad to use order_draft API for price calculation purposes?

I have found also some general restrictions for API usage: admin API can be called only 2 times per second for example.
Are these restrictions work per store? or for my Shopify applications?
Are these restrictions per request - for example, I can call "get customers" 2 times in a second, or any admin API request is counted?


Please advise 🙂


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I think some of these questions really quite depend on your existing backend of your mobile application as well as the workflow/practice that you are looking to implement. Do you have a team you are working with to build the integration?


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Thank you for your reply.

Yes, this indeed depends on our current functionality, and we want to save as much as possible during the integration with Shopify. And we need an expert opinion about possibilities. (What workaround can we make, what is legal from Shopify point of view, what even forbidden and etc)

There is a team that can make the integration, but we have a lack of knowledge of the Shopify platform, and we look for an expert consultant who can join us. 

We will be happy from help from Shopify representatives on the technical level.