Introducing API versioning and developer preview at Shopify 🎉

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Shopify Staff
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API versioning & developer preview

Over the last 18 months, we’ve released powerful features on the platform, such as Shopify Locations and selling in multiple currencies. Building these features required us to change the way core resources are architected. We realized we needed a more reliable way to release valuable but complex projects that would be less disruptive for our developer and partner ecosystem.  

Today, we are introducing API versioning at Shopify to make changes to the Shopify platform predictable, clearly communicated, and easy to adopt. Existing apps and custom integrations will all use our first stable API version (2019-04), while new API versions will now be released quarterly. Learn about our approach, how API versioning will work, how to use our new developer preview environment, and where you can stay up-to-date on what is released in every version.

Questions about API versioning? Post them in this board and discuss API versioning with other developers and Shopify staff.