Is it possible to use OAuth for customer account authentication?

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We are in the process of scoping out moving to Shopify and are trying to figure out how to handle our current account credentials. We currently use OAuth to validate member credentials across multiple web properties of ours and would like to use the technology to do the same with customer accounts in Shopify. Is that possible? If so, can someone help point me in the right direction to understand how to go about doing so?
Thank you!
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If you're looking to authenticate a customer in a third party system you'll need to look into using the Multipass API. Do note that this API is scoped to Shopify Plus merchants only so not all shops will be able to access it.

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We are looking into implementing login in our app via Shopify, which would ideally serve as OIDC, since it supports Oauth protocol.
However I saw that Oauth is supported for apps, but I found no info on how that would work for external users.

Any help is much appreciated.