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JSON schemas for Webhooks and API

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We are integrating with Shopify using webhooks and API. We want to validate the data we receive and don't want to guess creating our own JSON schemas. Do you know a place or a way for getting JSON schemas we can trust for below data sources?


1. orders/create
2. customers/create


API methods:
1. GET /admin/api/#{api_version}/checkouts.json - Retrieves abandoned checkouts
2. GET /admin/api/#{api_version}//products.json - Retrieves a list of products.


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Shopify Staff
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The corresponding resources as they are serialized in the admin should mirror exactly what's sent in the webhooks. Inspecting a customer resource, for example, should effectively blueprint what a payload will look like.


Alternatively, you could create a test webhook (or a real one) on a development store, and trigger that webhook to fire at your app, and use that to build out an expectation of the shape of the request.


From there, keep your eyes on the change log. If we ship anything that could change the expected shape of these resources, we intend to let you know what to expect.



Alex | Shopify 
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This is something I called guessing, but thank you for the response.

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Just checking in to confirm that you guys don't have a schema for Shopify webhooks?


Specifically looking at 'orders/fulfilled' and 'customers/create'.


Many thanks,


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This would be very useful, especially when using languages that are strongly typed. Is it possible to request this feature?


Json Schemas for all endpoints

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Yep +1

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This is definitely needed. "should match" is not good enough.