localStorage is blocked in Chrome incognito in my app

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I've built application for my service, I've followed recommendation and use AppBridge to "embed" my app into Shopify interface, but not open it in new tab. It's working well in default mode in Chrome, and even in Incognito mode in Brave, but it's not working in incognito mode in Chrome due to blocking access to localStorage.

I understand why it's happen:  Shopify AppBrigde it's a iFrame and I open my app as <iframe src="www.link-to.app"> and it's two nested iframes.
I see two ways: to avoid using AppBridge and open my app in new tab, but not in iFrame, or paste app html code in the same level as AppBridge initialised, but it's technically not so easy.

I can't avoid using localStorage in my app, and I can't lost users who want to use the app in Incognito.

Please, take a look at screenshot, maybe it will be helpful: https://prnt.sc/10kcey3

Thank you for any thoughts.

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We can confirm this issue. Local storage seems to get blocked on Incognito Chrome.

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Any solution for this problem yet?