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Native payment in mobile app

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we are implementing Native Checkout and Payment experience in our mobile App which is using one of our shop at .
We already did a Native Checkout and now we are planning to implement native payment to complete the checkout. Our shop has Shopify Payments enabled, so currently via web application, user can pay by credit card, Apple/Google Pay and ShopPay.
We want to reproduce all payment possiblies in our native app for iOS and Android. 
We created native checkout experience with Admin API and StoreFront API (we didn’t use mobile Buy SDK). We are using Dart programming language with Flutter framework. So user creates the Checkout with store items, apply promo code, add/pick shipping address, select shipping handle etc. Currently after all, user clicks “Pay Button” and go do web version of this checkout to finalise payment in web page.
So now we want to let user pay from native app without leaving it and visiting web page (or webView). We’ve seen StoreFront API documentation with mutation called checkoutCompleteWithTokenizedPaymentV3   but we aren’t sure about how does it work. Would you be able to help us with this?
Basic questions are:
1. Can we stay with Storefront/Admin API with our flutter app to implement payments (credit card, Apple/Goole/Shop PAY) or do we need to use native Buy SDK for iOS and Adnroid to impelement it.
2. Which solutions is simpler (Buy SDK or StoreFront/Admin API) ?
3. How does this checkoutCompleteWithTokenizedPaymentV3 works - how to implement for eg Apple Pay with it?
4. We can’t find any info about ShopPay integration via API.
5. Current development shop (not production one) has enable Shopify Payments test mode already – what should we know about testing payments? Are there any fake cards etc. for credit card, Apple/Google pay?
If you think that we have some lacks in our thinking about it, please feel free to let us know – we are open on any suggestions to achieve our goal which is “native payment in our app”.
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Hey.. Have you figured it out??.. We are trying to achieve same goal as well

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I am also trying to do this and it seems that Shopify limits Private applications from becoming a sales channel. You need to be a sales channel to complete a payment through a third party like Stripe.

This is has been frustrating as this is a dealbreaker for our team. 

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Hi, did you find any workaround for this? We are trying to achieve the same.