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New Recommendation Ajax API

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First I wanna thank the shopify team for this API endpoint.


Here is a question and possible feature request:

Is there a way to exclude any given product from being recommended by the api based on a tag or some other property ?


Some items on a catalog can sometimes be an add on, or freebie that a store owner may not want to display in the recommended product cards.


Any insight is greatly appreciated

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Same here.

For a client we are giving freebies with every order. 

Those products will always be in the recommendation list. And this is normal.

Course you can just filter those out from the Array but it narrows the list.


Really nice API, happy to have it.

Hopefully we will have a Liquid object for this and more options.


Thanks Shopify



Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products
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could you kindly tell me how to use ajax API? thanks