Not able to register extension on CLI

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Im using Shopify CLI to create a public app and generated an extension with CHECKOUT_POST_PURCHASE.

But when I located the extension folder and try to register it on my app, it gives an err as follow:

X Apps::Extensions::CloudScript::UploadDraft does not accept #<Apps::Models::Extensions::Registration id: 3181993, uuid: "fcaacad8-c3e4-47a5-a899-e553d69346f0", api_client_id: 5077187, type: :checkout_post_purchase, draft_version_id: nil, active_version_id: nil, is_not_deleted: true, deleted_at: nil, created_at: "2021-03-29 15:21:09.053010000 -0400", updated_at: "2021-03-29 15:21:09.053010000 -0400", title: "checkout-post-purchase1", development_version_id: nil, specification_identifier: :checkout_post_purchase> as value for the property registration. Only accepts: Apps::Extensions::Registration


It doesn't allow me to register with Shopify. Does anyone have a clue?